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Thursday, April 8, 2010

dry clean your wedding dress

Some of you, like me, might want to keep your dress so that maybe someday one of your children or grandchildren in a future generation might want to wear it. Call me sentimental! After wearing it only on a couple occasions it tends to get dirty - on the bottom from dragging on the ground, cake getting on it, etc.

I searched and searched for a good price to get my dress dry cleaned.

Bottom line: IT IS EXPENSIVE!

I just want to let you know the great deal I got! Most places charge around $130 just for the cleaning with additional cost depending on how intricate and detailed your dress is (lace, beads, etc.) from there you can choose to get it in a protective box that keeps it safe from oxidation (yellowing) which costs around another $35.

I called several places and by far the best deal was at Country Cleaners! I paid $75 total for my dress (covered in lace and beads) to be cleaned and put in a special wedding dress box!! Country Cleaners only charges $40 if you want to get the dress cleaned only with no box. Some specific Country Cleaners stores won't do wedding dresses so just call ahead to make sure they will. I took mine to the one in Bountiful and it turned out absolutely GREAT!

(Note: I got married last August and just barely had this done - so don't worry about it being too long since you got married!)

Save money & save your wedding dress! ♥

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Do you ever just decide that you HATE something you have, or over time you just get tired of it? I think it happens to most of us. Before you just throw it out, think of making some adjustments to revamp it!

I have never really liked the color RED. So, it comes as no surprise that I started to need a change on my picture garland.
After (NO RED!)
*Ahh... much better.*

Sometimes it can be as easy as adding pillows - making a bed look that much comfier!!

Even if you're the only one who will notice; fix it to make yourself happy!
Little changes can make a big difference ♥
...now, time for bed. :)

shoutout: la quatrième gourmande

My friend Meagan has a cooking/etc. blog that I ♥. She is such a great cook and shares her secrets with wannabes like me! Plus I just won her giveaway WOO HOO! :)

Check out/follow her food blog here to get tips and tricks from the master herself:

Someday I'll be a cookin' fool :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

hanging fabric flower garland

Inspiration: Aerie.
I don't have an actual picture of what I saw, but my final project is essentially the same. I loved the idea and I loved making it!
Making of:
1. Cut fabric into equal sized squares. (I used felt and regular fabric)

2. Cut those squares into circles. (does not need to be perfect)
3. With each circle, fold so there is a point at the bottom and sew through the points & connect each point together til you get a little flower ball.
4. Voila!
5. Attach them to string of your choice and hang!
Here's mine:
finished project

happy easter

Yes, my decorations for the holidays are getting weaker and weaker, I know. I'm going to have to say St. Patrick's Day was the worst (notice no posts about St. Patty's)... oh well! Here are a few little Easter bunnies my mom has given me over the years :)

Last but not least... the Easter basket!
I always look forward to the Easter holiday not only because of what it represents, but it's also the time of year for LDS General Conference and of course Cadbury Mini Eggs!